1. Can I take bellydance classes even though I've never studied dance?
Absolutely. No prior dance training is needed, just a willingness to learn. However, bellydance will assist you with any other dance you try afterwards.

2. Is there a specific age range for classes?
No, anyone can learn no matter what age.

3. What should I wear to class?
Exercise pants, or a skirt, T-shirt or tank-top, flat slippers, jazz sneakers, or bare feet if you're comfortable. You also need a hip-scarf to emphasize your movement.

4. Should I sign up for Beginners I or Beginner's II?
Beginner's II is for those who have mastered all the steps in Beginner's I. So if you've never taken a bellydance class, then you should be in Beginner's I.

5. Do I automatically move to the next level after each class?
Given the individual correction that occurs in my classes, I would suggest repeating each level at least once. The key to bellydance









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