I really enjoyed Maya Naim's show. I felt more from the music by watching her than if I had been listening to it alone. It's as if Maya becomes the music and gives it visual form!                                  
         Evvy Bures, Member of the Enan Egyptian Folkloric Dance Troupe

Maya Naim's show was fabulous. It was beautiful. It was mesmerizing: a perfect ending to a perfect evening! She had the audience in the palm of her hand. Between her flawless performance and stunning costume, it was magic!
                                            Roxane Kirkman, Costume Designer, Ottawa

Maya Naim dances with such energy, exuberance and joy, that it's fun just to watch her. The music seems to literally come through her body and she melds with it!
      Gordon Josephson, Ottawa

It was an awesome dance and everybody RAVED about it. Thank you so much!!!
Roy Crisostomo, Director, Salsafanatics Dance Troupe




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