In bellydance class, you strengthen and tone all your muscles while you're having fun! The core muscles; the abdomen, hips and lower back are strengthened, which means your body has more support. Consequently, your posture improves, your clothes fit better and you're less susceptible to injury.

As you increase your skills, the cardiovascular work increases, but you're so busy focussing on improving your movement that you don't even realize it.

I encourage students to slow down, go within, and I use the movement as a context for emphasizing self-confidence and pride in the female body and how it moves - it’s an opportunity for her empowerment.

I create a safe space with warmth and laughter, affirming jokes about feminine beauty and strength and break down the movements as much as required so that students can develop a foundation for whatever dance they choose. The therapeautic bonding that occurs in bellydance is magnified in my classes. No wonder women walk away feeling empowered and loving this more than any other form of exercise. < more ...>


Benefits of Maya Naïm's Belly-dance Classes - a ' mind-body-spirit ' workout





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