Maya Naïm is a highly respected belly dancer and teacher dedicated to the preservation of Middle Eastern dance.

Maya Naim has been dancing professionally since 1990 for weddings, (zaffehs), and has enjoyed performing with live musicians in the Arabic and Greek communities. She studied intensively with Egyptian-born, internationally-renowned master instructor Denise Enan for six years. Driven to improve and push her dancing skills to the utmost degree, she supplemented her training through workshops with Ibrahim Farah, Yousry Sharif, Raquia Hassan, Fatin Salama, Sharazad, Leila Gamal, Hadia, Aziza, Beata and Horatio, and Cassandra Shore. Maya Naïm continues along the joyful path of evolving her oriental dance. Maya is constantly adapting her style to create shows with original flavours that still remain true to oriental roots.

Maya has her own true Egyptian style with a tendency towards drama and fire and sometimes mystery. She is commended for her beautiful musical interpretation and what she gives to her audience.








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