After only 6 classes, Maya's students showed great technique. I was really impressed with her instruction and her students!
Sarah Zahab, Fitness Instructor, and Member of Al-Arz Dance Troupe

No one teaches quite like Maya does. Maya's classes released my passion - studying with her helped me change from repeating mechanical steps, to feeling the music and truly dancing. All while we're just having fun!'                                                    Ginette Castonguay, Student, Ottawa

I am a certified trainer, an NLP master and Coach with 25 years experience in teachers' training and executive coaching. I can certifiy that Maya Naïm is using excellent techniques and skills to bring out the best in her students.
                Christine Estirac-Rateau, Student, Ottawa

Thanks again for a very fun class and more importantly an opportunity to build self-confidence.
                  Renata Morawiecka, Student, Ottawa  



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